Activities during the pandemic!


We are having a hard time sitting at home and doing online lessons. But working from home does not have to be boring. Lara is in 3rd grade. She lives in Ustka, Poland. She found information about the planet Saturn, wrote it in English and painted a beautiful picture.

Mateo and his sister Ana are from Almansa, Spain. They have spent the day doing activities for our project.

First they have looked for information about their favourite planets to write about them and do some pictures.

Then they have been building and playing with the robots they have made with different materials.

Great work!!!

During this weekend at home many children from Miguel Pinilla school in Almansa have been working on the project:

   – Belén, second primary, has been working about Saturn with a lovely model and an interesting poster.

– Maira, second primary, has done a model of Jupiter; and her brother Nel, second pre-primary, has done a funny robot.

Sergio, fourth primary, has done a poster about Mars; and his brother Pascual, third pre-primary has make a picture of a robot.

-Arturo, third pre-primary; and his brother, first pre-primary, have built a very big robot.

-Gabriela and Juan,fourth primary, they both have made posters about Mars.

– Iker, second primary; and his brother Airam, second pre-primary; have built fantastic robots.

-Jorge, second primary, has done a lovely picture of the Solar System

-Daniela, Sofía and Aday, pre-primary, have made different robots. Nice!!!

Everyday Booklets!

Poland booklet
Belgium - Our booklet!!
In the class of 6th Primary children have investigated and learnt about the schools, cities and countries in the project. As a result they have prepared booklets with information of each member of the project and they have presented them to the rest of the class.

Competition for logo project and the winners are:

Competition for logo project

Logo pictures from Belgium
Logo pictures from Spain
Logo pictures from Portugal
Logo pictures from Poland
Logo pictures from Turkey